our food ethics

At the co-op we believe strongly in food that is the most ethically responsible to our values of justice, food soverignty and environmental sustainability. This means we wish to be responsible to the workers that make or harvest it, as well as to the environment and to animals. Although we understand the limits of ‘ethical consumption’ we strive to provide and find alternatives to wasteful, oppressive and environmentally destructive practices that most food is created through. We try to source food that is vegan, organic or biodynamic, locally produced and where applicable fairtrade.

Organic and biodynamic
Organic is a method of farming food that doesn’t use synthetic or chemical inputs (like fertalisers, manures and pest killers). The point is that its better for both humans eating the food to be ingesting less chemicals and for the environment surrounding to not have as many chemicals that could poison plants or animals. Essentially it is process that tries to work with our natural environment to grow food, as opposed to trying to battle it. It is also a process that tries to release the stranglehold of huge agri-businesses on the food production industry. Biodynamic is a similar method in that it doesn’t use synthetic inputs, but was inspired by the Ruldolf Steiner and utilisers an array of cosmic methodoligies related to the lunar calander and particular combinations of minerals and plants.


All of the products and food sold at the co-op are vegetarian, with almost all being vegan. Vegan means that they do not use animal products in any stage of their production. Instead the co-op supplies alternatives to animal products. The reasons for veganism are varied from person to person, and people’s reasons for wanting the co-operative to be vegan focused are also varied. A strong reason for veganism is the environmental impact of animal use. There is also strong reasons for not using animal products for animal liberation reasons. Factory farming. capitalism’s treatment of animals disgusting, sentient beings. Also veganism can be a reaction to the excess of  mainstream Australian society. BUT remember being a carnivore or omnivore is never a barrier to involvement in the coop or supporting its vision.


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