Free workshops are here!



Workshops at the food co-op 2014

Hey there skills junkie! Want to learn some new tricks? Add a recipe to your repertoire? Or run a workshop yourself?

Use this poll to help us fix a calendar of workshops for next semester.

We’ll try for all of them to be free, though some may require a small donation to cover materials or expert speakers. That stuff will be confirmed later. If you want to run a workshop, add your idea to the “other” box, and email us with more details.

<3, your food co-op

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Acoustic afternoons at the co-op

Thanks to the sirenous ukulele fingersmithings of a certain co-op babe, we’re feeling inspired to host acoustic afternoons here, asap.

THIS WEDNESDAY -Oct 16-  bring your lovely selves and your acoustic instruments* to the co-op, where we’ll have a running-list and a comfy stool. Depending on how many tunesters show up, you might play two songs or ten. Think of this as volunteer time, not to mention a neato opportunity to practice your latest cover of The Formidable Vegetable Sound System or woo the vegan of your dreams.


*no djembes.


Bulk Food Update

To those lovely 75 people who participted in the Bulk Food Survey, thankyou. We have your results safe and sound. Unfortunately the site we were using has fallen victim to a hack, and is unlikely to be any further use to us before semester begins (which is when we want to start acting on the results of the survey).
If you hadn’t gotten around to filling out the survey, we still want to know what you think! We want to know what you want to buy, and how much, and when. Beans? Nuts? Cleaning products? Tea? Other supplies?
Do you have a strong preference for the co-op to only stock vegan food, or would you (for example) like to be able to order free-range eggs with your vegie box?
Most importantly: some of our stock is Australian origin, some is organic, some is both and some is neither. Because we like to encourage sustainable, ethical food, we cost the stock accordingly; we multiply the wholesale cost by different amounts depending on these factors: 1.8 if neither organic nor Australian, 1.6 if one of Australian and organic, 1.4 if both.
How do you feel about that?

Comment on this post to let us know, or even better, come along to a collective meeting (the date of the next one will be in the newsletter)…


Bulk Food Survey

It’s rough but it’s ready,
It’s slow but it’s steady, introducing….
The Food Co-op Bulk Survey!

Folks, we’ve realised that our bulk food isn’t getting quite as much love as it used to. So your co-op is wanting to do a bit of an overhaul of the bulk foods ready to start next semester with a bang. We feel it could be an unwanted downward spiral for bulk as we know it if we don’t check in once in a while — the less we stock, the less incentive for people to shop here; the less we can justify stocking.

When you’ve got the time (I recommend this as a procrastination tool…), if you could nip on over to and do the survey there (once only), it will help us work out how to revitalise bulk — according to what you will actually buy.

I apologise in advance for the ads — if you’re using firefox, I can recommend the AdBlock Plus add-on to make them invisible.