Bulk Food Survey

It’s rough but it’s ready,
It’s slow but it’s steady, introducing….
The Food Co-op Bulk Survey!

Folks, we’ve realised that our bulk food isn’t getting quite as much love as it used to. So your co-op is wanting to do a bit of an overhaul of the bulk foods ready to start next semester with a bang. We feel it could be an unwanted downward spiral for bulk as we know it if we don’t check in once in a while — the less we stock, the less incentive for people to shop here; the less we can justify stocking.

When you’ve got the time (I recommend this as a procrastination tool…), if you could nip on over to http://kwiksurveys.com?u=Co-opBulk and do the survey there (once only), it will help us work out how to revitalise bulk — according to what you will actually buy.

I apologise in advance for the ads — if you’re using firefox, I can recommend the AdBlock Plus add-on to make them invisible.