zine library

The co-op now has a brand spanking collection of zines for your education and edification.


Most of the zines live at the co-op, to be borrowed and returned or read in our lounge-room. Some of the zines are to be taken away and read/circulated/hoarded at your discretion.

In fact, as well as zines, we also have a bunch of regular books that live at the co-op. Many of them are on vegan cooking. If you’re looking for a book to take home with you, check in at the book co-op across the way and swap a book or pay a pittance.


Apart from the zine library, we also house a book and homegarden swap! It sits humbly awaiting your gifts and to gift you in return. Please add any herbs, fruit or vegetables you grow, books you’ve read and would like to share, and take something as well.
And don’t forget to check out the clothes swap across the hall; all your needs are looked after here at the co-op!


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